Monday, May 15, 2006

May the 9th n 10th May 2006 at the welsh assembly
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Updated: 15 May 2006
By daoud jibreel, Cardiff
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Well what's been happening Crazydave. More of the usual MALFEASANCE thats what.

Tuesday down the welsh assembly saw me singing, there were a group of college students doing their drawing thing, keep it up dudes, and they seemed to enjoy the songs even asking for the ole autograph, very kind.

Then Wednesday came around, and though my throat was sore from giving it large, I went once more only four banners, cos taking ten or twelve gets a bit wearing. This time the ole voice was ailing so I quit that, had some nice chats with some of the senior citizens and they would like to see this party politics end and have the brightest minds in Wales running the show.

Then the MEDIA came out to play and the star Assembly member Jocelyn Davies came out to join them. There is somthing in me people that cannot abide the bare faced cheek of these so called journalist. Me I like to call them stooges for the media and government, most especially the BBC, who rather than have my banners on show at their prime time evening news slot, where they normally show the Bay area in all its splendour, had to bring out their roving camera so that the four banners were hidden from the people of Wales.

If the cut n paste worked on this network I'd show the banners they didn't want anyone to see. Well I did my rant, so 'Bow your head in shame Jocelyn Davies' had to move off somewhere else to BullShit the general public about her concerns, Hell she did nothing as far as I could see about her council and the people of Newport Gwent and whether their council cook the books like Cardiff County Councils rent revenue account. Much like Paul Flynn MP. Apparently he doesn't have the time to get one of his office staff to get a copy of that account much like Jocelyn Davies.

Oh and Mr. Flynn is supposed to be a supporter of the de-criminalise Cannabis lobby. Yeah but not when push come to shove eh Crazydave. Nope, when push comes to shove Mr. Flynn does a runner.

So that's the form people the BBC puppets make pretend they are trying to cover the News. Well I say 'they aid and abet the welsh assembly in Malfeasance to the one known as Crazydave'. I will continue to claim this outside the Welsh Assembly and if you've managed to read the NOTICES on this BBC network you might wonder like I do 'why chief constable why' hasn't anyone from your organisation contacted me following that claim or isn't 2 years of regularly turning up at the assembly and nothing been done by anyone to truely resolve my issues justify such a claim?

You might ask yourselves if you've been to and put in the search words: welsh assembly the crazydave files. How come nothing has been said with regards the polymer that will retard enamel wear n tear for the health of the nations teeth. Well come on Dr. Gibbon does such a product exist or not, come on Jonathan Morgan why havent you come back to me on that one, and while your at it Dr. Gibbon what is the non-divided water charge on a 3 bedroom property in my area (oh how many times I have asked that question of my MP Julie Morgan and members of the welsh assembly). With never once a reply. To many times.

Love n Light People Crazydave for a full list of blogs go to welsh assembly the crazydave files

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